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winter blues and dreaming of golden honey

Winter Blues and Dreaming of Golden Honey!   Winter in Wisconsin is long and cold.  Although we spend a considerable time outdoors enjoying the season,  sweet flowers blooming, bees buzzing and gardens growing often enter our thoughts.  And, beekeeping is a spring/summer thing, keeping us busy throughout.  But wait….seems we really have not quit thinking about the bees.  There are occasional warm day check-ins on the bees; lists of “things to do” for spring; equipment upkeep and building; and of course -reading all those articles and books with information on how to do it all better. So far this year,
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Last Day Of Summer – Moving Day!

The sweet days of summer are coming to an end, so too, it’s time to leave the lovely meadows of Three Lakes and return my bees to our own back yard. It required a full day of work, (and the help of a couple of friends), but the move was made without much trouble. Now I will only need to get the other bees in my yard into the prepared space, get a windbreak up, continue to feed them, and look forward to a successful winter season.
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The Beekeeper’s Year – January

The Bees. The queen is surrounded by thousand of her workers. She is in the midst of their winter cluster. There is little activity except on a warm day (about 45-50 degrees) when the workers will take the opportunity to make cleansing flights. There are no drones in the hive, but some worker brood will begin to appear in the hive. The bees will consume about 25 pounds of stored honey this month. The Beekeeper. Little work is required from you at the hives. If there is heavy snow, make certain the entrance to the hive is cleared to allow
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