Terms & Conditions

Purchaser understands that the bees may loose some weight in their shipment. You are advised to examine the contents of your shipment immediately upon delivery. Replacement is at the discretion of Sonny Bees Honey Farms.

It is the duty of every customer to make sure that it is not against any housing, city, county, state, or country ordinances to have bees imported from the state of Wisconsin to your location. Any orders returned or destroyed because of such ordinances or laws will be deemed as fulfilled by Sonny Bees Honey Farms.

Customer is aware that the weather can cause delays in the fulfillment date. If we are unable to fulfill your package bees order by as requested on your deposit invoice, we will notify you. You will then have the option to receive your order at a latter fulfillment date or cancel your order with a full refund. All orders are filled in the order they are received (FIFO) by fulfillment date.